Jul. 14th, 2004

I've had these on other forums before but haven't gotten much response or support so I thought I'd switch them to here for now, since I have a few writer friends here at LJ. :)

So without futher adieu, here it is.

~Continue work on Eternal Dance rewrites. Start with new world (contemporary fantasy setting ;) <--Offically started...but slow going.....

~Continue writing new poems, and submitting to new markets. <--Need to write new poems....

~Start submitting to Pro Photo markets.

~Write and submit Polaroid Transfer article to Photo Techniques .

~Enter at least one Photography contest.

~Enter 2500 Romance Beginning to FM Contest (deadline: July 19th) -DONE! Submitted 07/16/04

~Continue work on Survivor, 1500 words a week. -So far, I've managed to make just over 1500 words a week...not bad huh?
<----Stuck on Chapter 2. 1200 words last week.

~Get some major Wordbuilding done for Gravity .
<----That's my project for the Fall.

~Work on Transparent Eyes (that's a blast from the past! Anyone remember that one? I've been getting urges to work on it). ---> This will be a strictly back burner story, for when I get really bored or annoyed with one of the others...

Market listing: novel

1. Dorchester Publishing - Horror Line
2. Tor
3. Baen
4. Roc
5. New Age Dimensions Publishing


1) Tin House
2) Stirring
3) Prism Galliard
4) Dancing Woman Press (chapbooks)
5) Maelstrom (photos) need some new photos to submit! (infrared?)
6) Rainbow Curve - rejected
7) Small Spiral Notebook - submitted and rejected
Prism Gallaird 3rd choice for new poems
9) Pedestal Magazine - rejected
10) Tryst 2nd choice for new poems IN PROGRESS
11) Find some new markets.

So hopefully I get a few knocked off anyways....




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