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That about sums it up.

No response at all from the newspaper, even after I emailed them. :(

Went to TWO Five for Fighting concerts, got some AWESOME pics.


I got my bone can results ..called Nuclear Medicine and they just faxed them over....I think they thought I was a doctor. But hey, at least I wont have to wait weeks to see my doc.

Normal. Everything is fine. :)

Ok, and the biggie is ED's new direction......

I have been doing research these pst few days for Eternal Dance . I've a major decision about it. Lately it's been feeling really forced....I made some decent progress on it over the weekend, but it just didn't "grab" me. I figured it was my perfectionistic side rearing its ugly head. Then something occurred to me: there's no real uniqueness about some things...I mean the plot is pretty different but it takes place in our own world, maybe 20 years into the future or thereabouts. What if I made up my own world. And the vampires have been sorta on their own, no real world, culture, etc. Well, I decided to create two vampire races - and make them warring. And this is how Wynd, the main vampire, ends up getting into a car accident and dying-she's been hunted down. Her lover, Aden, has been banished.

Then for the human side, we have Seers, Healers, and Guides. Fallon will be a Seer, who can divine the future and deal with vamps. I may make her a descendant of slayers. Ashe, the protagonist did not inherit any Sight and is therefore flawed, in addition to her heart condition. There will be two worlds-one is ours, where there is no magic or psychic power, and the Vampire world, where all the fun stuff is, including a place where vampires are banished. There's only one way to get to them and a Seer is the only person who can do it.

There are alot of more juicy stuff, just haven't organized it yet. I am really digging this worldbuilding stuff.

Anyone who reads this list, if you write fantasy, some tips or hints or ideas (honesty is deeply appreciated) or feedback is welcomed. Please. I feel like a fish out of water. But this will broaden my horizons as a writer. It just "feels" right to me somehow.

So that's it. And pics are coming....got prolly 100 pics to upload.....prolly won't put them all here, but a few anyways.

Haven't had much time lately to visit, please forgive me.

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