Here starts the vegas recap, muhahaaaaa.

Work is crazy.  Still not caught up.  Did some writing this afternoon on Survivor, the first since I got back from vacay.  Haven't been feeling so hot for the past few days.  I think it's the fibro.  :(

Okay, let the recap begin!

Day 1- Sunday

Spent most of the night flying.  Weeeeeee.  Had a layover in Houston.  Arrived in Vegas around midnight.  Got off the plane, did the whole let's-find-our-luggage thing, and got the rental car.  Got a free upgrade to a minivan due to them being out of Yaruses.  Nice car, lemme tell you.

By the time we got to our hotel room, it was 1am Vegas time -- almost 4am Michigan time!  We literally collapsed.

The Strip looked REALLY cool.  We were sitting next to a native Vegas girl who gave us good information and advice.  Found out, eerily enough, that she's in college studying English/Journalism AND is interested in photography (the very same things I studied, except for the
English part).  Was pretty cool.

(oh, skipped a day!)


Tuesday was our day to take the Hoover Dam Tour.  We had a kick-butt breakfast at this small cafe in the hotel.  It was SO GOOD!

Went to Hoover Dam, which was about 45 mins away from Vegas.  Saw some beautiful scenery on the way.  It was sooooo hot though, about 120 DEG (I am not exaggerating -- that was the official temperature) and even though it was "dry heat," it was still REALLY REALLY uncomfortable and unpleasant.  I was concerned about heatstroke, actually, for a bit.

The Hoover Dam ROCKS.  Before the tour, we were given this plastic hard hats to show that we were going on the tour (this will be important later).  Soooooo we're in the line and someone asked the tour guide if we can take pictures.  The tour guide says, "Take all the dam pictures of the dam you want!"  Sooooo funny.

So we went into the ventilation ducts and the inside.  The inside was awesome.  We were on an upper level and could see everything, the generators and the different parts (I understand the concept, but missed the explanation due to my faulty hearing and the tour guide had a strong accent of some sort...).  What was really cool was the Native American symbols in the floor.  Apparently they had something to do with water.  I got a few pictures of that.

There was one tube that was soooo tight and claustrophobic, but it led to louvers where you could see the water outside.  Very cool.

There were markings on the ducts in pencil.  Apparently the workers did alot of calculating and measuring.

There was a TALL stairway dubbed "The Stairway to Heaven" because it was so high up.  And there was a corresponding one going down.  Freaky but cool.

We somehow got left behind.  They had two groups going at once, and we thought we were in the right group.  We were on the elevator and the tour guide saw our hats and told us that we weren't in the right place.  Luckily, our group waited for us.  We literally ran to where they were -- quite a distance -- and they applauded when we got there.  I bowed, lol.

Um...what else?  The outside was pretty darned cool, too.  Took massive amounts of pictures.  There were electrical towers everywhere, and one was leaning to the side quite a bit. Apparently, it's supposed to be like that.

96 on site deaths (of those recorded...some weren't) while the dam was being built.  Apparently it took 4 years and it was rushed through BUT it is totally safe.  Made of concrete blocks. 

1 on site death so far for the bridge they are building now -- which looks really cool.

Like I said, it was HOT.  And it was far worse going back to the hotel.  We got Jack in the Box and the hubby found a freight yard (trains) to take pictures of. I could have too but I was miserable.

And true to form, I got sicky. 

But, it didn't ruin the vacation b/c that was it on being sick.  We lost one night.  Wanted to see some Improv, but didn't feel up to it.

I got better.

And that completes Tuesday.

To be continued.


Right now, Jeff and I are catching up on The Office season 2 while I do the laundry.  Tomorrow we're going to the inlaws for a cookout.  Should be fun.


Wedding recap part deux

The limo ride was great.  The champagne kind of sucked, though.  Although I'm not a champagne kind of person, anyways.  Short drive to the hall.

Entered the hall to applause.  Made the rounds.  I managed to make it through almost everyone before lunch was served.  I was so impressed with my server -- she waited on me hand and foot.  It was great.  There was SO MUCH food.  More than I even realized.  Tons of it.

And it was sooooooo good.  Only weird thing was, I wasn't feeling all that hungry and my tummy was a bit off so most of my food I left untouched. :(  I felt so bad about it that I apologized to the server she didn't think that I hated the food.

We talked, and kissed, and kissed some more and talked.  It was nice.

Then it was time to cut the cake.  You wouldn't believe how many people crowded around us to get pics.  I'd guess maybe half -- 20 or so? -- along with the photographer.  I almost cut myself on our serving knife.  Totally forgot how to cut cake and needed assistance from the photographer (on how, not the actual cutting part).  So we cut our cake and fed it to each other.  I got some on my face, but the hubby DID NOT smash it in my face.  I think it was my threats of immediate divorce (seriously -- it's disrespectful to the bride and ruins her look -- a look that cost me hundreds, and that's not counting the dress....).  So that was good.

Cake was delish.

We had a great time making the rounds (for the second time).  It was wonderful to talk to everyone.  We had some old friends there who were just great, and were fun.  One of my dad's car club buddies kept telling me how beautiful I was.  :D

SIL gave a beautiful speech that had me in tears.  Then, my friend L, who was also taking pics (and was my former student) gave us a beautiful Irish blessing.  It was a total surprise, and I was in tears again.  It was SO cool.

Took more pics outside in the garden.  Saw a bee and freaked out a bit. 

SIL and my sister went for a ride in the limo.  We had him for 3 hours and SIL missed the limo ride (still not sure how...) so off they went.  Things were starting to wind down and people started leaving. 

Kept mingling and talking and hugging and smiling.  We were so very blessed to have so many wonderful people with us.  I still get a bit teary when I think about that.

After everyone left, we gathered up everything we were taking home (centerpieces, left favors, gifts, etc).  And then went home.  Changed.  Went back to my mom's to get the rest of my stuff that I left that morning.

Then MIL wants to watch us open our gifts, that night, which kind of sucked, cuz we were exhausted.  But we figured it was best, as we were leaving the next day for Vegas.  So we had the whole family over (except SIL...she had other plans and this was totally spur-of-the-moment). 

We got alot of money -- and truly, we didn't expect that much.  But hey we were happy that our family and friends were so generous.  We got a few gifts: a George Foreman grill, a Oriental-style reed difuser, Oriental artwork (which we really needed and wanted), a huge, very cool picture frame, a sandwich maker, a spice rack..... I think that's it.  The bulk of the actual gifts were from my parents/sister.

My in-laws gave us money.  Some to gamble in Vegas, and some for a new microwave.  Which was really nice. 

Oh, what else?  I can't really think of anything else.  We had the leftover cake.  We talked.  Took more pictures.  It was fun, but SO tiring.  We ended up going to bed waaaaaaaaaay early.  We were just exhausted.

So that's it for the wedding.  Honeymoon recap coming.


I'm back at work and DM is on my case about some things that haven't been done.  Uh, hello, I've been GONE for 2 weeks.  He's crazy.

Other than that, things are good.




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